Emergency Light Testing

As an NICEIC certified company, we can ensure that your emergency light testing is carried out by competent qualified electricians and that you’ll receive a full report and documentation to be noted in the company site logbook.

What are the frequencies of testing emergency lighting installations?

  • Daily – Check for correct operation, this is a simple walk round visual check for illuminated neon
    indicator lamps by occupiers.
  • Monthly – Functionality test not exceeding 25% of rated duration, basic switch off check fluorescent lamp illuminates, switch back on, completed by occupier
  • Six Monthly – Test of at least 1 hour for a 3 hour rated system
  • Three Yearly – Full duration discharge test, performed by competent persons

It is recommended that discharge tests are performed at a time of least risk, such as outside normal working hours, so that following the test the batteries can be re-charged prior to re-occupation. Where systems have been designed to the recognised standards local key operated switches or fused connection units will have been provided, with isolation of emergency lighting performed without affecting the normal lighting systems.

During the inspection and test of the emergency lighting system for your premises Jupiter Engineering’s engineers will verify the design of the installation to current British standards, departures from the standard, and luminaires failing to operate, will be recorded, and issued in the remedial report.

Emergency Lighting Logbook:

An emergency lighting logbook is a requirement as stated in the emergency lighting Code of Practice (BS5266 Part 1:2006). An emergency lighting logbook records all details on your emergency lighting installation. It should include details of the electrical contractor who installed your emergency lighting installation and details of the electrical contractor who maintains your emergency lighting installation. It should also contain technical details such as an emergency lighting design guide, as well as plans showing the locations of all your emergency lights and details of testing, maintenance and repairs.

LED lighting Installations

Jupiter Engineering provides design supply and installation of LED lighting solutions to business of all sizes in all industry sectors. We will come to your site, study your lighting needs and design the best LED lighting system to help you save energy and lower your carbon footprint.

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