Project Description

33 Finsbury Square

The refurbishment of was a large-scale project that we were engaged in for a period of 24 months. The existing building was completely stripped back, existing staircases and lifts were taken out and two entirely new floors were added.

Jupiter Engineering’s task was to design the specifications in relation to the lighting and power, as well as the overall design and installation of the A/C equipment. Due to the size and scope of the building, the initial concept was to install an A/C wet system. Eventually it was decided to install two Mitsubishi VRF Recovery systems per floor. This would allow for one system to be shut down during periods of maintenance and servicing, whilst the other continued to provide adequate heating and cooling during these planned visits. With the efficiency and flexibility of the system, this would ensure a cost saving in relation to energy output.

For the electrical side of works, we installed a 3-phase electrical board on each floor and designed the lighting and power to each standard office specification. A power track system was installed, allowing for greater flexibility and aiding whatever setup eventually required by a new tenant.

In order to maximize on energy efficiency and reducing costs, we installed movement sensitive light switches in the offices on each floor. This not only helps reduce wastage in terms of energy usage, but also contributes in lowering the buildings carbon footprint.